Who we are

An inspiring story


Driven by a genuine passion for fashion, our company was founded in 1978 with the goal of developing and marketing fabrics for the clothing and fashion industries.

Four decades later, Sutex has become the biggest company in Colombia in its industry and has expanded its business to Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica and, since 2017, Spain.

We have a team of professionals trained in-house and around the world, focused on following and capturing the latest trends in fashion and thus are able to react in time to our clients’ needs.

We are leaders in the field of design, product innovation, customer service management and social and environmental responsibility; always aiming for transformation and evolution.

Value proposal

* Strategic partner

Sutex as a strategic partner in your business’ growth.

* Co-creation

Support in the development of your collections (co-creation).

* Availability

Guaranteed product availability.

* Guaranteed quality

Guaranteed quality control (Q2).

* Customized

Customized textile products development.

Our commitment
with the arts

Our passion for the arts connects us to the rest of the world and is a constant source of inspiration for the development of innovative and modern collection

Corporate Social

In addition to art and technology at the service of fashion, SUTEX is a company that moves forward driven by the work of its people, and for this, ensures their welfare, providing opportunities for growth and development.

Likewise, it provides assistance to other sectors of society that need the private enterprise’s support to push forward initiatives that will significantly contribute to environmental care and community development.porten de manera significativa al cuidado del medio ambiente y al desarrollo de la comunidad.

Responsabilidad social


Environmental protection

* Waste

– Responsible disposal of our activity’s waste.
– Management and use of recyclable materials.

* Sensible use of resources

– Environmental footprint gauging.
– Implementation of energy and water consumption indicators

* Eco-friendly efforts.

– Greentex by sutex digital printing; without using water or chemicals.
– Garden adaptation and sowing for growing our own produce.
– Tree planting by company volunteers.

Protection of children’s rights by breaking the cycle of poverty

Voluntary donation by the company and our partners to support JUANFE Foundation in its efforts to protect children’s health and coach teenage mothers.

Housing construction in collaboration with the Techo para mi país Foundation; improving the living conditions of the Caimalito’s community in Pereira.

Donation to the Santiago corazón Foundation (Our fabrics become healing hugs)

Bottle caps gathering in conjunction with the Tapas para sanar project; helping children with cancer.

Encourage the community’s economic development

* Corporate integrity

Advocacy and honor of human rights. commitment to abolish both forced and child labor. no discrimination in employment. corporate anticorruption practices. tax payment. code of ethics enforcement.

* Job creation

Develop productive units in impact areas’ vulnerable communities through the outsourcing of textile manufacturing.

Organizational culture


We are our clients’ best allies for innovation, quality, swiftness and added value.


Faster and better




We love what we do and we believe we can do better, be quicker and face every challenge with commitment and dedication in order to fulfill our clients’ expectations.


We use our creativity to improve or design new business models in order to add value to our customers.


We implement efficient and timely solutions to achieve the optimum use of our resources through quick and reliable tools; all for the benefit of our customers.


Customer focus

Every challenge, every strategy, everything we do focuses on our clients. At Sutex, clients are our priority.

Results orientation

We reach our goals and take responsibility for the consequences of our words, our actions, our decisions and our commitments.

Continuous improvement

We understand that there is always a better way to do things. At Sutex, we challenge and demand ourselves to be better each day.

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