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Our Textile Technologies

All our textiles are made with the best technology. This is why Sutex now offers you labels , so you can place them in your garments.


Find out here more about each one of the labels we have created for you, with the respective technologies. Also, learn the steps to take to get them.

“It is not just a product! It is carefully crafted with technologically developed textiles”

Greentex Labels

Label for products made with Greentex by Sutex technology printed textiles.


Greentex by Sutex printing technology carried out without using any water or chemical agents, therefore, contributing to environmental sustainability.

HD technology that allows for photo definition with unlimited colors.

Kinetic colorization technology that, via ultrasound and UV light, allows for better uptake and hold of color in the fibers, granting more definition and more vibrant colors.

Beachwear Labels

Label por products made with Italian textiles from our Mare de Carvico and Jersey Lomellina lines. *Available in Spanish version.


UPF 50
Technology with UPF 50+ protection factor that blocks 98% of UV rays, protecting your skin and allowing you to stay longer in the sun.

Technology based on state-of-the-art hydrophobic polyester for ultra-fast drying, even faster than nylon.

Textile technology with high quality threads that allows for higher resistance and durability. Pilling, water, chlorine and sweat proof. Color fastness to sunlight.

Sustainable Labels

Label for products made from our VITA de Carvico Ecofriendly textile. * Available in Spanish version.


Technology provided by Econyl®. Polyamide thread from 100% recycled material.

Technology accomplished with the use of multifilament polyamide that makes the textile extremely soft, silky and pleasant to the touch.

Extremely elastic technology that allows for better adaptation to all silhouettes and provides ultimate comfort and the highest freedom of movement for the user, even after repeated launderings.

Eurofluid Labels

Label for products made from fluid-repellent Sutex textiles.


Technology that repels liquids, preventing water from coming through the fabric and accidental spills.

Textile technology with high quality threads that allows for higher resistance to pilling, wear and launderings, providing better durability.

Made in Italy

Label for products made from Carvico and Jersey Lomellina Italian textiles

Made in Colombia

Label for products made from all the Colombian textiles that conform to the guarantee of origin.

How to get our Labels?

Step by Step

Click each number and learn the steps to take to get our Labels


Identify the textile technology in the fabric you use to create your product.

Request the labels from your advisor. We will deliver 1 label for each product.

Place the labels on your products.