“Trends and innovation for a constantly changing industry”

Our drive to keep ourselves up-to-date results in a portfolio that meets our clients needs, and often foresees them.

More than a sample book for the local fashion sector, Sutex’s portfolio is a must-have reference that shows:

· The latest textile developments

· Leading markets trends.

· Inspiring content that will open your mind to new possibilities.

We are aware that we work for customers that take part in the demanding textile-clothing chain of production, and so Sutex is capable of ensuring the exact product, in the needed quantity and right timing.

Fashion, art, technology and culture constantly inspire our creative team in the development of innovative fabrics that are in tune with the market’s needs.


Avant-garde fabrics, aligned with international trends, for the manufacture of garments for different costume universes.
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Textiles with the quality and functionality needed for home, hospitality and specialty stores.
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Textiles for the preparation of uniforms in the segments: corporate, health, chef and security.
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Fabrics with a variety of finishes, weight and compositions, for beachwear and active wear.
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Wide variety of designs and prints with photographic quality
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