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Sustainable fashion and global warming.

Currently not a single day passes in which news about global warming does not come to us, but … what is really happening?

CO2 is the gas that most increased its emissions since the industrial revolution, the burning of fossil fuels is the main source of emissions of this gas, which in turn, causes an increase in the temperature of the atmosphere and the oceans , and it is during the last 35 years that its effects have been seen, such as the melting of glaciers and snow-capped mountains, sea level rise and the lack of humidity in the rain forests, considerably affecting the sustainability of these ecosystems.

Some scientists who work in the study of global warming, look for different ways to disseminate the results of their research in a more understandable way, such as through videos or graphics so that the main idea remains and highlighting the most important aspects of their job.

Edward (Ed) Hawkins, is a research scientist of global warming, who has shown the results in a simpler, understandable and direct way, so that anyone can understand it directly. It is the case of his warning stripes, with which he has managed to transcend beyond the simple communication of his studies and has taken these results to another level: It is a succession of cold color patterns such as white and blue colors to warmer tones such as the different shades of the color red, with which it represents climate change from 1850-2018

Thanks to its aesthetics, that the warning stripes have come to fashion and were a trend in many media outlets which dressed allusive garments to this particular way of raising awareness about global warming. But I do not stop there, Hawkins took his design to Zazzle, a retail e-commerce where you can find a whole portfolio of articles alluding to the result of this particular and creative way to raise awareness about global warming, warning stripes.